18 tips for throwing a perfect at-home party

Posted on 23 Jun 2022

Everybody loves a party, but we've all been to a fete that just didn't quite hit the mark. Planning your party at home can be a little overwhelming, from figuring out who to invite to preparing the perfect menu, but with a little bit of planning, you can throw the perfect dinner party or big celebration without too much hassle.

Flip through the slideshow for 18 essential tips for throwing the perfect party at home, from figuring out the right theme to how to end the night without awkwardness.

Figure out what type of party you're going to have

From dinner parties to all-night ragers, there are tons of options for DIY parties. Once you've decided whether you want to have a more formal dinner party or a casual hang, you can plan everything else, from the food to the playlist.

Choose a theme

It might sound cheesy, but everybody loves a theme. Keep it simple, with a themed cocktail for watching the game, or go elaborate with a full costume-centric dress code. Once you've chosen your theme, perhaps midcentury modern "Mad Men" vibes or a grown-up pizza party, really drive it home with themed decor, snacks, and more.

Send out invitations

Even though most at-home parties don't require sending fancy invitations, everyone loves a formal invite! Shoot everyone in the group chat the details, or create a formal email invite. If you need to plan for the number of folks you'll be hosting, ask for RSVPs.

Don't be afraid to ask guests to bring something

Throwing a party at home can be pricey, but it's less of a burden if your guests are pitching in to help. In keeping with the theme, ask guests to bring a signature snack or beloved beverage, or put them on DJ duty while you're greeting newcomers.

Figure out exactly how much food and other supplies you'll need

Running out of food and drinks at a party is the worst. Make sure that you have enough snacks and drinks for everyone at your party — the rule of thumb is to assume that each person will consume about a pound of food — and have backup options in case your guests are hungrier than you expected.

Curate a great playlist

A playlist can be the key to making sure that your party's vibe is exactly how you want it. Keep it chill with low-key jazz, or play dance-pop favorites like Robyn and Charli XCX for more upbeat energy that will encourage everyone to dance and mingle.

Rearrange your home for ideal socializing

You don't have to reinvent the wheel, but making sure that your guests have plenty of room to mingle and chat is always a good idea. Get clutter and other obtrusive objects out of the way, and make sure that everyone has a place to store their coats and bags.

Consider dropping pets off at a sitter for the night

If your pets are nervous, the idea of having a bunch of strangers in the house for an evening might be a bit too much. The same is also true if you've got an overly friendly dog that's prone to jumping on guests. Consider having your pet stay with a trusted friend or boarding facility to make sure the night goes smoothly for everyone.

Make a backup plan

Sometimes, even the best-laid plans go awry, and that's why a backup plan is essential. Whether you burn the food and have to order pizza or your outdoor patio party gets ruined by rain, it's always a good idea to have a Plan B that's easy for everyone to adapt to.

Make sure there's plenty of seating

When you're at a party, nothing is worse than awkwardly standing around because there's nowhere to sit. If your living room's sofas and chairs aren't enough, consider bringing in folding chairs or even lawn chairs from the garage to ensure that everyone has a spot to feel comfortable.

Keep games on hand if things get too laid-back

When there's a lull in the conversation, it might be time to play a game! If you're not willing to drag out the board games or dominoes, consider an app-based party game like Heads Up to keep the energy up and get everyone engaged.

Make a plan for getting your guests home safely

If you're planning to serve alcohol at your party, it's important to ensure that everyone can get home safely without having to drink and drive. Offer to call an Uber for friends who've imbibed too much, or serve as the night's designated driver so that everyone can have a good time without putting anyone's safety at risk.

Stock up on fun party favors

Sure, they're mostly for kids' parties, but party favors can be a really good time. Consider putting together DIY hangover kits with Tylenol and other hangover-busting goodies if you'll be serving booze, or score a bunch of goofy glasses and confetti crackers for a nostalgia throwback.

Create a designated selfie spot

Everyone loves taking selfies, and that's especially true when you're hanging out with friends. Find a spot in your home that's aesthetically pleasing, and set up a selfie spot complete with props and other essentials (maybe a ring light or phone stand) so that your guests can perfectly preserve the memories from your party.

Make sure your bathroom's well-stocked

Having a party is all about making your guests comfortable, and there's nowhere that's more important than the bathroom. Make sure that yours is fully stocked with soap, toilet paper, and other essentials, and don't forget the room spray.

Be prepared for spills and mishaps

Accidents happen, and being prepared for that inevitability will keep your party free of awkward silences. Keep a handheld vacuum in the kitchen for snack spills, and a stack of towels nearby to clean up any wet messes.

Wind the evening down gracefully

Once folks start to filter out, don't be afraid to let everyone know that it's just about closing time. About 30 minutes before you'd like everyone to leave, let everyone know that you're so glad that they came to visit, and that you hope to see them again soon. If there are still a few lingerers who don't take the hint, don't be afraid to be more direct and let them know that you're getting ready for bed.

Don't invite too many people to your space

It's tempting to invite everyone you know when you're planning a party, but that might not be feasible for your space. Overcrowded parties can be uncomfortable, so it's important to make sure that you're inviting the right amount of people. You should also consider how much parking is available nearby on your street, and whether or not it will be able to accommodate the number of guests you're hoping to invite.

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